I Love Chaos

Well, I don’t know if I love chaos or I’m just OK with it. I may not even be OK with it. It may be that I have realized that I cannot prevent it so I might as well go with it. We have no choice. It is a natural law that things are moving toward chaos. I would have never believed that was true but I took my college physics class when my daughter was three. At the time I realized no truer words had ever been spoken.

It has become obvious to me over the past three weeks that I have a big head. An inflated ego. Too much self-esteem.  I really thought I would have it all together at our new house and be ready to start blogging and homeschooling and having fun in no time. Silly me! There are boxes piled in rooms, a mountain of laundry (growing under the fancy new laundry chute) and clutter multiplying in the corners. I am breeding chaos over here! That’s OK. I’m going to drink some coffee and enjoy the new view from our back porch. Fighting the chaos is a lot like fighting gravity. It takes tons of energy and focus. I don’t have a large amount of either right now so I will just pretend the boxes and Mount Dirty Camp Clothes don’t exist. Well, just long enough to write a couple of blog posts and catch up on email.

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