That simple

I love learning all the tricks. All the brilliant little things that make life better. I have figured out a few of them for myself but the internet has allowed us to crowdsource life hacks. It’s awesome.

Make time for quiet

I have a bad habit of neglecting my need for quiet. I think a lot of mothers do. When was the last time you took five minutes to enjoy some silent down time?

It’s about the money but it’s not

Everything is about money. Sort of. But not really. It’s difficult.

Growing a garden

There are a million articles and books about gardening. There are many different theories about the best way to garden.

Almost 40

  I am spending a lot of time changing lately. I am learning new things and trying new things because I’m worried. I know I should have done all of these things before but now I am in a hurry. I’m more motivated than I have been in a long time. Because when my next […]