To Do List

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Holiday Spirit

We had our first snow yesterday! It was a great follow up to our holiday party on Saturday. Now we are in the Christmas mood!

gifts of service

From what I see and hear, people believe that the economy is doing better. But I’m not really sure what that means. I guess it means something different for everyone. For some people a good economy means that they will be giving and receiving great gifts this holiday season. For some people it means they […]

Homeschool stuff we are into right now

  Jungle Time App Magic Tree House books Money (counting money, giving change, making purchases, making money) Procrastinating (My son is really doing a great job with procrastinating! I’m not really loving this part of the homeschooling actually.) Making holiday gifts

My Opinion and Yours

We are generally unable to make good judgments. Objective judgments. We are unable to be impartial. We are constantly thinking about ourselves and how all the things in the world revolve around us. So if something is good for the world as a whole but bad for us individually, we don’t want it. It’s awful. […]

Love thy neighbor

In all fairness, I know it is easier to surround yourself with like-minded people. It saves a lot of energy when you don’t have to edit yourself for fear of offending others. Or fear of others offending you, whether they mean to or not. I admit there are times when I would rather be with […]